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The UGC in its guidelines for the plan period 2007-2012, sets the following objectives for the Human Resource Development Centres.

  • Understand the significance of education in general, and higher education in particular, in the global and Indian contexts;
  • Understand the linkages between education and economic and socio-economic and cultural development, with particular reference to the Indian polity where democracy, secularism and social equity are the basic tenets of society
  • Acquire and improve basic skills of teaching at the college/university level to achieve goals of higher education;
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in their specific subjects;
  • Understand the organization and management of a college/university and to perceive the role of teachers in the total system;
  • Utilize opportunities for development of personality, initiative and creativity; and
  • Promote computer literacy as well use of ICT in teaching and learning process.
Eligibility Conditions :
  • Eligibility for Participation For Orientation Programme
    Newly appointed lecturer upto six years of continuous service and all those teacher who require orientation programme for getting higher grades will be allowed.
  • Eligibility for Participation for Refresher Course
    Participation in orientation programme is a prerequisite for admission to refresher course. There after, with a gap of one year they can opt for refresher course. Also there should be a minimum gap of one year between two refresher courses.
  • Registration Fee
    Every participant shall pay admission fee (non-refundable) of Rs.1000/-
  • Selection and Enrollment
    Teachers interested in attending the orientation/refresher course are required to apply for admission to the Director, Human Resource Development Centre, in the prescribed Proforma and forward the same through their respective head of the institution, and the selection will be made in accordance with the Guidelines of UGC.
  • Accommodation
    Hostel Accommodation will be made available in Andhra University Premises.
  • Evaluation of Participants
    At the last week of the programme, experts preferably external, will assess the participants on the basis of multiple choice objective test and Stage Presentation test. Overall response / seminar / project / participation, etc. and give the grade to the participants. The grade will be indicated on the course certificate.
  • Financial Assistance
    Three tier A/C class railway fare, will be paid for journey beyond 500kms on production of railway tickets or any other documents in support that the teacher has actually undertaken the journey in three tier A/C class from the place of duty to Visakhapatnam. Other will be paid second class railway fare with sleeper charges for attending the course. A daily allowance of Rs.400/- (Rupees four hundred only) will be paid to the outstation participants towards accommodation and Rs.300/- per day (except holidays/Sunday) to local participant.

    For more details : Download Complete Guidelines